Energon Advanced Energetics is a member of ENERGON Holding

We’re experts in high-capacity battery systems.

We engineer them. We build them. We manage IT.

We create turnkey EPC and EPCM projects – from design to execution.

Engineering | Procurement | Construction
Engineering | Procurement | Construction-Management

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We’re a technology company providing services in the field of modern energy.

We’re part of ENERGON Holding

By partnering with our sister companies, we’re able to offer complex services, from in-depth project planning and the procurement of all necessary equipment and materials to construction management and the provision of follow-up services.

We’ve been active in the market in our current form since 2017, but the company’s history dates to 2010.

We primarily operate in Central European countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and Hungary, but our reach extends to the entire EU, Russia, and the Middle East.


We operate in two areas of modern energy:

1. We build turnkey high-capacity battery systems – from hundreds of kWh to hundreds of MWh. We also back these projects with all necessary IT management.

2. We design and execute comprehensive EPC and EPCM projects (Engineering – Procurement – Construction/Construction-Management), including photovoltaic, wind, and hydro power stations.


We specialize in:

  • industrial energy companies,
  • services in transmission and distribution systems,
  • energy storage solutions
  • use of renewable resources




In the Prague district of Holešovice, we designed and built a fast charging station that is the first in the Czech Republic to combine high-capacity battery storage and its own energy source in the form of 30 rooftop photovoltaic panels, thanks to which it helps stabilize the local network.

We built this innovative turnkey energy hub for the energy company PRE in only four months (from July to October of 2017). The station was officially opened in February of 2018.

It stands out not only for its remarkable technology but also for its timeless design.

„We completely reworked the original PRE design. We replaced the planned lead batteries with a Pylontech lithium-ion battery, which excels in safety and has a substantially greater capacity and lifespan. We modified the architectural aspects of the design to make the structure not only practical but also pleasant to look at“ Tomáš Pastrňák, CEO of Energon Advanced Energetics

Thanks to accumulation, the station was able to take advantage of the existing infrastructure without the need for upgrading the power supply.

Our Energy Management System (EMS) constant ly monitors network voltage. When set limits are exceeded, the system begins either drawing energy from the network or supplying it back.

Technical parameters of the station:

  • Number of parking spaces: 2 x electric car + 1 x electric scooter/electric bicycle
  • Stands: 2 x AC charging stand 230 + 400 VAC, 1 x DC charging stand
  • Stand output: 2 x 22 kW + 1 x 50 kW
  • PV output: 7,35 kWp
  • Battery capacity: 108 kWh/ 87 kWh (usable capacity)
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Cell chemistry: LiFePo4
  • Battery inverter output: 2 x 66 kVA
  • Heating/cooling output: 10 kW heating/cooling
  • Energy management system: autonomous management system complete with remote access and application for mobile devices (e.g. Android, iOS)
  • Battery system functions:
    • network voltage stabilization, improved qualitative network parameters;
    • frequency regulation;
    • limited draw from the network during charging;
    • limited draw from the network during charging;
    • reactive power compensation.
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In August of 2018, we completed a new BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) with a useable capacity of 1 MWh. Only the third container battery in the Czech Republic, it immediately surpassed its predecessors in several respects

A groundbreaking all-in-one solution in a single container housing batteries and converters with infrastructure for the addition of a transformer and high-voltage distribution panel. The container comes ready for immediate deployment in industrial complexes, heating plants, and energy companies.

The first battery container completely designed and built in the Czech Republic.

The battery container offers a wide range of functionalities:

  • peak-shaving,
  • maximization of self-consumption,
  • regulation of frequency, voltage, and reactive energy,
  • offgrid operation.

Detailed technical specifications of the storage system available for download HERE

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